Dot Social EP5: Twitter Migration Report著者Tim Chambersが語るX/Twitterからの移行トレンドとモデレーション


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Dot Social EP5が2023-01-09 Tueに「Moderation and Migration for a Better Social Web, with Fediverse Leader Tim Chambers – Flipboard」と以下で公開されていたので紹介します。


A great #fediverse conversation with @mike and @tchambers about the current and future state of #decentralized social media.

You can listen to the podcast #dotsocial or, better yet, support the #openweb and watch it on their #peertube server directly.

Where you can like, follow, and comment directly:) Or if you prefer follow


and watch/get notified from #mastodon

Gotta love #activitypub !


Does decentralization make moderation better or worse? Will the deteriorate as millions more users join? Can tens of thousands of local instance owners do a better job at spotting and combating disinformation than the walled gardens can?

I asked @tchambers these questions and more to get his expert opinion and thoughts. Here’s a great clip along with a link to the full conversation on PeerTube.

今回はTim Chambersです。Dewy Digital共同創設者。4半期ごとのX/Twitter移行レポート (Twitter Migration Report | Dewey Square Group) 著者。ユーザー数11200人のindieweb.socialの管理者。




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