報道: Mastodonの総ユーザー数1200万人到達 | GNU social JP」でMastodonの総ユーザー数、「報道: 分散SNSでのMisskeyユーザー総数の2位到達 | GNU social JP」でMisskeyのユーザー数について紹介しました。今回は、サーバーバー別月間投稿数でMisskey.ioがActivityPubの分散SNS全体で1位だったとの報道があったので紹介します。


その後、以下の投稿群 (Chris Trottier) で拡散されていました。私自身は、しゅいろの投稿で認知しました。


When I look at the most active servers on the Fediverse, Mastodon isn’t dominating.

Here’s the actual breakdown of the 10 most active servers according to server type:

  1. misskey.io (Misskey) – 3.9M posts per month
  2. mastodon.social (Mastodon) – 1.7M posts per month
  3. pixelfed.social (Pixelfed) – 754K posts per month
  4. botsin.space (Mastodon) – 648K posts per month
  5. mstdn.social (Mastodon) – 634K posts per month
  6. nijimiss.moe (Misskey) – 627K posts per month
  7. mstdn.jp (Mastodon) – 588K posts per month
  8. misskey.gamelore.fun (Misskey) – 497K posts per month
  9. fedibird.com (Fedibird) – 431K posts per month
  10. misskey.cf (Misskey) – 425K posts per month

Once you expand to the next 10 more active servers:

What does this mean?

When we measure for activity – not accounts – Mastodon isn’t even in first place. Misskey is.

Mastodon is in 2nd place.

And other server types, like Pixelfed, aren’t doing so shabby either.

But what’s more interesting is what this all means when you also take into consideration account sign-ups.

It’s true that according to total accounts, mastodon.social is the biggest server on the Fediverse with 1,159,110 accounts. In comparison, misskey.io only has 183,549 accounts.

However, misskey.io is producing 2x more content than mastodon.social.

Some people wonder if this is because of spam.

As someone who actively monitors both misskey.io and mastodon.social, it actually looks like mastodon.social produces more spam. I have yet to encounter spam on misskey.io, nor have I received spam from there. I can’t say the same about mastodon.social – seeing how I received crypto spam to my inbox from there twice last month.

What’s going on?

First, I must acknowledge a fact. The Fediverse is simply more popular in Japan. When I look at the 10 most active servers on the Fediverse, 6 of them are Japanese. Yes, even the Mastodon servers.

And in Japan, it looks like Misskey is overtaking Mastodon. This is not yet true in terms of sheer account numbers, but the fastest growing servers are clearly Misskey. In terms of raw post production, though, Misskey has already overtaken Mastodon.

Something I often hear is, “So what if something’s big in Japan? Lots of bands are big in Japan too, and we don’t hear a whisper from them here in the West.”

While comparing software to music is silly, it is a mistake for Westerners to ignore the cultural impact of Japan and other Asian nations.

We live in an era where many Western kids grow up with Japanese video games, anime, and J-Pop. Many of them don’t even look at Japanese media as “foreign”. It’s simply part of their cultural rubric.

Why do I bring this up? Because while the majority of Fediverse accounts are from the West, the majority of Fediverse content is from Japan. And while there is a language barrier, it’s only a matter of time before that content finds its way out West.

But if you’re a content producer making stuff for the Fediverse, I also think it’s important to ask yourself, “What are Japanese content producers doing right?”

As it turns out, a lot. The Japanese Fediverse is less focused on technology and politics, more focused on art. And there’s a ready community willing to interact with that art.

This is not so true for the West’s version of the Fediverse. Over here, the culture is to deem art “unimportant”. There have been times when I’ve shared thoughts on video games and music, and someone came out of the woodwork to tell me I was wrong for doing this since some political thing in the USA was happening, and I was insensitive for sharing my interests.

For the Fediverse to take root in the West, it must be as much about art as it is about politics and tech.

All this said, there is a further fact that likewise underlies my contention: the 3rd most active server on the Fediverse is pixelfed.social, Pixelfed’s flagship server.

Why is this? Because #Pixelfed is based on images, not text. Which also means that, as a result of content filtering, it is more focused on art than politics and technology.

Interestingly, pixelfed.social is focused on English speakers. As it turns out, the desire to share art is universal – not exclusive to people who speak Japanese. Most people like art.

Don’t get me wrong, politics and technology have an important effect on our daily lives. But it’s art that makes life worth living.

My takeaway: if we want the Fediverse to be as big in the West as it is in Japan, we need to share art.

Source: https://fedidb.org/



Chris Trottierの投稿は長いので、自分なりに要約すると以下となります。

  • Misskeyの投稿数が多いのはスパムではない。
  • 分散SNSは欧米よりも日本で人気。上位10サーバーの内6個が日本のことからいえる。
  • そして、日本では投稿数ベースではMastodonよりMisskeyの方が人気。
  • 欧米では技術や政治が話題の中心だが、日本では文化・芸術が中心。
  • 欧米で分散SNSが根付くには芸術がもっと重要になる必要がある。Pixelfed.socialが上位3位にあることがその裏付け。






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