報道: Firefishの現況は壊滅状態/後継プロジェクトCatodonの発表


前回: Calckey.jpの2023-12-31での閉鎖予告 | GNU social JP Web

改版: Firefish v1.0 | Calckey改名の真の理由は例の騒動? | GNU social JP Web」で最初のバージョンが公開されたFirefishの続報です。開発リーダーのKainoaが開発を放棄して、プロジェクトが壊滅状態との報告があったので紹介します (Panos Damelos氏、自身がコアチームメンバーでもあるFirefishの現状を報告 新規Fediverseプロジェクト「Catodon」発足も発表 – fedimagazine.tokyo)。

2023-12-30 Satに以下の投稿で報告されていました。

Ugh, I really tried to stay out of #fediverse drama but I guess I have to say a few things. Most of you know me as a #firefish core team member, so I think I owe it to the admins of almost 500 firefish servers out there and to the almost 5000 members of firefish.social. So, yeah, if you haven’t noticed, things aren’t looking good for firefish. Its owner, Kainoa, has practically abandoned the project, which had its last stable release out on July. My last message to them was a week ago, and I haven’t heard back since. Firefish.social, besides the other severe technical problems it’s had due to mismanagement in the last few months, now also has serious federation issues. I hope Kainoa is well irl, but this is irresponsible and unacceptable. I hear some of you saying “but you’re in the core team too, don’t try to put the blame elsewhere!”. So I have to explain what being a core team member in firefish meant. Kainoa invited me, Namekuji and a few others to be part of the “core team”, but kept all decisions and responsibilities. We didn’t co-own this. We never shared donations. We were just volunteers, who were honestly trying to make it a great project. This didn’t work well due to concentration of power to one person, who didn’t keep their promises. I don’t mean to be harsh to Kainoa, I mean we knew they were only 19 when they started the project. Still, it’s a bummer to anyone who chose to trust and support Firefish. This includes myself. I don’t know if it’s early to consider firefish a dead project, but it sure seems like that for a few months now. Maybe it can be resurrected, idk. It’s all up to Kainoa. In the meantime, Namekuji and I are starting #Catodon, which will have some differences with Firefish, and will include many changes I had discussed with Kainoa but were never implemented. If you decide to stick with us, we promise to be serious about this. I strongly believe in the fediverse and its potential, and I want to build a great platform for it. This was my goal when I chose to be involved in Calckey/Firefish. It’s still my goal with Catodon, only this time I can stand behind it 100%, as the project will be co-managed by Namekuji and me. If Firefish left you with a bitter aftertaste, we hope we can build a better relationship and prove ourselves worthy of your trust. Catodon will go public in a matter of days, possibly even hours. We’ll have more to say about its direction then. In the meantime, I just wanted to share my apologies for any inconvenience regarding Firefish, as I’m still technically a core team member, whatever that means. But frankly, I tried so hard to make things go differently – but there’s only so much you can do when it’s someone else’s project. I’m really sorry for how things went. But this is not the end of the fedi journey for me. I’m super excited about the chance to do some things right this time with Catodon. Life goes on, I guess! Hope to see you soon on our #codeberg repo, so we can start a new creative adventure together =) :catodon: xx
OK, since this post exploded (which means there is a lot of interest in #Firefish!), and since some people might have misinterpreted some of the things I said, let me point out a few things: I am NOT saying that Firefish is necessarily dead. I hope that this post works as a wake up call for Kainoa – whenever he sees it. If nothing changes (either Kainoa getting more involved again or sharing responsibilities or whatever), yes, it will be dead. Really hope something changes drastically, a lot of people love this project. I am also NOT saying that #catodon is a continuation of firefish, but a different project. Honestly, if that’s all you’re looking for, there are other project which might be more suitable – we don’t want to mislead anyone. We will gradually change quite a few things, the goal is to make it a great and easier to understand all-around software for fedi communities, so for example some of the misskey-specific features will go. In a way, it will sit somewhere between Mastodon and Misskey. So our goal is NOT to replace/continue firefish but to find our people, who will be interested in what we -and not firefish- are trying to do with the platform, and maybe do it together. Hope this clears everything up.

FirefishのコアチームメンバーのPanos Damelosが報告していました。内容の要約は以下です。






ぐぬ管 (GNU social JP管理人)|gnusocialjp@gnusocial.jp
!mk Firefishのプロジェクトが壊滅状態らしいです。 なんとなくこうなることは予想できました。Forkプロジェクトの9割は失敗します。リーダーのkainoaは子供です。子供にできるわけないです。子供は無責任です。都合が悪くなったらすぐ蒸発します。 それが過去のいろんな騒動からもよくわかっています。GNU socialには私がいてよかったです。
Panos Damelos (Catodon) (@panos)
Ugh, I really tried to stay out of #fediverse drama but I guess I have to say a few things. Most of you know me as a #firefish core team member, so I think I ow...

ただでさえフォークプロジェクトの90 %は失敗するというのに、社会経験の浅い子供が開発リーダーなので、上記投稿にあるように、失敗は時間の問題でした。コアチームメンバーが、Kainoaを説得できなかったのも失敗の原因です。

また、Firefish.social自体も現在Webブラウザーからアクセスできないレベルで問題があるようです。何ならほぼ開発の進んでいないGNU socialでさえ起こっていない問題です。中途半端な状態で投げ出すとこうなります。




:catodon: CATODON IS LIVE! We have now opened registrations at https://catodon.social – you can now have your own catodon.social account and use a fully functionyal pre-release version of Catodon! Please keep in mind that this is still beta, you will notice some changes compared to #Firefish but more things will change! This isn’t even our finyal form ? Also please be patient if there are delays due to increased traffic. There shouldn’t be, but if there are, we’ll sort them out. This means that our repo on #codeberg is also now public! Learn all about #Catodon, the ideas behind this new #fediverse project, our mewssion, and the first changes we’re doing in our first blog post:
Introducing Catodon!
Welcome to Catodon! ?

Introducing Catodon! | Catodon Social」に詳細があります。

Catodonは新しい分散SNSのプロジェクトで、Misskey/Firefishがベースです。2名のコアチームメンバー (Namekuji (@namekuji) | Catodon Social/Panos Damelos (Catodon) (@panos) | Catodon Social) により主導されます。

ただし、CatodonはMisskeyの拡張フォークではないです。Misskeyの機能に圧倒され混乱するため、Misskeyの基本用語を変更し、Gallery/AiScriptなど固有機能を削除し、MFMからMarkdownに移行、メニューをコンパクトにするなど、全体的に理解しやすくします。また、FirefishフォークのIceshrimpで改良されたMastodon APIに対応するため、Mastodonアプリも使用可能です。




コミュニティーを念頭に置いたいくつかの変更を導入して今明日。新規登録の維持の苦労を知っているため、円滑なオンボーディング、シンプルな用語、チュートリアルの削除。もう一つ注目すべき点は、登録直後のフォロイー0の状態でも、タイムラインを空にしないようにしました。ホームタイムラインにLTLを含むようにしました (設定で変更可能)。



Catodon (@catodon) | Catodon Social」が公式アカウント/サーバーのようです。以下の投稿にあるように、2023-12-03がサーバー開始日だったようです。

Delayed #caturday surprise! Meet Catodon, an upcoming #fediverse platform, based on #firefish – but trying to make things a little simpler and a little more focused on online communities. Catodon.social is not open to registrations just yet, but will be soon enough. Follow this account for more info, when we’re ready! The cat’s out of the bag. (sorry about that – we had to! ?) #catodon
This is the official #Catodon logo, made by the amazing @safespace@electricrequiem.com. Contact her if you’re in need of a great graphics designer (or if you’re in Athens and want a tattoo!). Meow!







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