役務: Searchtodonの実験開始・終了


Mastodon WebアプリのElkについて調査中に、Searchtodonという分散SNSの検索サービスの実験開始・終了の話題を見つけたので紹介します。

Ex-Searchtodon: Private Timeline Search for Mastodon」がサービスのサイトでした。



  1. UX: OK
  2. 運用実現性: OK
  3. コミュニティー (最重要): NG





Hi everybody, I’m ready to unveil my year-end-holiday-hack project:

Meet Searchtodon: ***Private*** Timeline Search for Mastodon

It fills a gap that I have been missing over on Twitter as well: “I remember seeing this THING, where was that again?”

It is built with privacy and consent in mind (pls see the FAQ), but is also *an experiment* to see if something like this is accepted by the larger Mastodon community.

Here goes: searchtodon.social

replying to Jan Lehnardt ?️|janl@chaos.social

I want to be very upfront: if this is something the community rather not have, I’ll shut it down.

But, I think there are three hypotheses worth exploring:

1. User experience: can this be done in a way that users want?
2. Operational feasibility: how much extra burden would this be on instance operators?
3. Community: is this something Mastodon folks at large are comfortable with.



replying to Jan Lehnardt ?️|janl@chaos.social

As promised, here’s an update on Searchtodon.

I have shut it down & deleted all data (as of 14:06 CET today).

As implemented, it does not gel *with* the Mastodon community, although the functionality did prove useful to a lot of people.

I’m working on a retrospective that hopefully can inform future experimenters.

Thanks everybody for giving it a try and for all your constructive feedback!


replying to Jan Lehnardt ?️|janl@chaos.social

And finally, the big Searchtodon Retrospective: searchtodon.social/Adventures-

I erred on the side of including more rather than less and take you through:

– My background and the motivation for creating Searchtodon.
– The initial design and research.
– Recap of *the experiment*, including results and commentary.
– tl;dr: 2 our of 3 hypotheses came back positive.
– Recap of the feedback received (the juicy bits).
– A (somewhat hopeful) look at the way forward.



On Searchtodon, I think it’s good the author of it tried. I think its good that the community rejected it. Both things happening are important and meaningful and need to happen as Mastodon grows.

But please, don’t utter the word “copyright.” The legal status of toots is a complete mess, a total nightmare. Even if we pretend for a moment that copyright is not an evil and harmful institution optimized for protecting wealthy content brokers while making normal creators fight one another, the only way Mastodon works is if you implicitly give SOME of your distribution rights to someone else.

But at the same time, copyright is rubbish and this is our community, so we should make our feelings about things that change that community clear. Folks will probably mass-defederate from instances that run centralized search or history functions. And the twitter expats and folks “making a living in social media” will be baffled why the very notion of creating legibility in the space is terrifying to many people on Mastodon.




元々、2017年のMastodonブームのときにも似たような実験を行っていて、その際はタイムラインの表示をカスタマイズ (返信非表示、再投稿非表示など) などというようなものでした。例えば、投稿頻度やタイムゾーンでユーザーのリストを自動で分けたりなど、UXの面でまだまだ課題があると考えていた。

この投稿は Gold and Silver の会員限定です。記録が目的であり、元投稿の削除・炎上回避、運営費・GNU socialの開発資金調達などのため会員限定にしています。

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