Dot Social EP3: BBCの分散SNS参加の主導者Ian Forresterが語る参加秘話


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Dot Social EP3が公開されたので紹介します。

2023-12-05 Tueに「BBC’s Experiment in the Fediverse, with Senior Firestarter Ian Forrester (Dot Social Podcast) – Flipboard」と以下の投稿群で公開されました。


What’s the BBC up to in the Fediverse? What have they learned so far from their experiments? And how is all this like the early days of the internet? In the latest episode of Dot Social, Flipboard CEO @mike chats with Ian Forrester (@cubicgarden), Senior Firestarter at @BBCRD. (How cool is that title, btw!)


What constitutes a dream job in the ? Ian Forrester is living the dream as Senior Firestarter at the BBC where he is helping to chart the way forward in the Fediverse for a highly influential global media brand. Check out my interview with Ian where we dive deep into the experiments the BBC is running, what they’ve learned so far and what a day in the life as a BBC researcher is like.

Follow Ian at @cubicgarden

内容は「BBCのMastodonへの6か月の実験的参加 | GNU social JP Web」で8月に紹介したBBCのMastodon参加の主導者のIan Forresterへの取材です。



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