Firefishの改名元のCalckeyと同じ時期に誕生したMisskey 12フォークのFoundKeyが、開発状況を限定保守の状態に入ったとの発表が7月にあったので、少し前ですが紹介します (my_dsns_timeline – 100%healthMisskey日記:Foundkeyが限定的メンテナンス状態に|Spoonail)。

Foundkey自体は2022-08-05にMisskeyフォークとしてFoundKey Development Groupにより公開されていました。



**Updated maintenance status for Foundkey** When Foundkey was originally forked, there was [an idea of how it would work](https://akkoma.dev/FoundKeyGang/FoundKey/src/branch/main/ROADMAP.md). The realization has set in that after almost a year after the fork, we are not getting closer but farther from that initial idea. The initial idea called Foundkey a “community project” and hoped for several contributors, but this has not happened. Because most work was being done by a single volunteer contributor, and this situation is not sustainable, Foundkey will enter a status of **limited maintenance**. The understanding of this limited maintenance status is that in general no new features will be considered for addition and only some bugs may be fixed, more or less depending on mood. Because of known performance issues, the **recommended maximum size** for instances that want to continue using Foundkey will be **20 users**. Larger instances will not receive support for performance issues they may encounter. Instance administrators that do want to continue using Foundkey are explicitly reminded of [sections 15](https://akkoma.dev/FoundKeyGang/FoundKey/src/commit/29320a751d6d9c595a9730866ff94c167d076326/LICENSE#L587-L596) [and 16](https://akkoma.dev/FoundKeyGang/FoundKey/src/commit/29320a751d6d9c595a9730866ff94c167d076326/LICENSE#L598-L608) of [Foundkey’s license](https://akkoma.dev/FoundKeyGang/FoundKey/src/branch/main/LICENSE) (Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability). This updated maintenance status is also reflected in an [update of Foundkey’s README and CONTRIBUTING guidelines](https://akkoma.dev/FoundKeyGang/FoundKey/commit/415e84daf02425553019785f72c583ff89ee0651).
Johann150 ⁂ :ipv6: :open_access: ☮|Johann150@genau.qwertqwefsday.eu
Once again, I am very sorry that this is how it has come to be. I hope this at least provides some certainty on what will happen. Just in advance, **DO NOT** contact me for advice on migrating your instance. I can **NOT** help you.

Foundkey自体はコミュニティープロジェクトとして始まったものの、作業のほとんどは1名のボランティアコントリビューターによって行われており、持続可能ではないため、開発状況を限定保守 (LIMITED MAINTENANCE) の状態だと発表しました。具体的には、新機能の追加はされず、バグ修正のみがされます。







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